Doing business with Japan...
but how?

We help your market entry into Japan, find a business partner of Japan, investigate and supply information for your business success with Japan.

Trouble to do business with Japan?

  • cannot find a good partner
  • unfamiliar with its business culture
  • language barrier and communication
  • cannot find adequate data and/or statistics
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Why don't you contact TORO-llc?

We solve your problems through our nationwide network.

May we help you?

What TORO-llc can do for you?
You understand what business culture of Japan is and how to tackle with.

You get our help and assistance when you need sales support in Japan.

You get ideas from us. Those are something new, fresh, unbelievable and Wow!


  • Support making business plan with Japan
  • Find and analyze rules and regulations
  • Contact customs office for HS code
  • Collect prospects list
Business development
  • Preparation to make panel, poster, leaflet in Japanese
  • Make subscript to talk to passersby
  • Support booth operation during a show
  • Post-exhibition. Collect and analyze data for contact A-rank visitors

Capacity building, Training
  • How to make effective tools
  • Learn Japanese business way
  • Business habit and culture
FTA, Regulations
  • Reduce import tariff of Japan if possible
  • Contact local customs office on behalf of you
  • Find HS code of your products and tariff
  • Support documents and process of FTA
Expertise of Global Business and Business with Japan, 35years+
Figure left side shows you why Japanese companies do strange things.
Is it clear? 

Support hundreds of companies for sales promotion 
They are very happy with our support. 

Various fields of services
Free Trde Agreement, Sales Promotion, Data analysis 

Case study

A from Viet Nam
Find HS code and import tariff

On behalf of 'A', TORO-llc contacted customs office of Japan to get an official paper about HS code and import tariff which would be valid for 3 years.
B from Japan
Train trade skills of 150 members

Listed company 'B' of Japan contacted TORO-llc to evaluate their staff members' trade knowledge and skill. TORO-llc prepared evaluation test and analyzed how and what their staff members brush up trade knowledge and skill. Then TORO-llc trained some of them through lectures, workshops.



Please tell us your problems and the reason why you need to solve them.
Meetings, Proposal, Quotation
We will meet in person or online what the current problems are and the hidden future problems will be. TORO-llc will provide several options to solve problems and make a quotation.
Both parties make a contract after agree. We may make an NDA if necessary.


Atsushi HAGA (he/him)

Haga's expertise of global business is highly reputable among public sectors like JETRO, SMRJ, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and some more. Haga is regarded as one of top3 seminar lecturers of global business in Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto region.

in charge
Business development, Exhibition marketing, Booth operation, Online business matching, FTA management, Security Trade Control
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